Our Compression Socks are small but mighty and should be a staple in every athlete’s kit bag. They work by wrapping the muscle bellies in your calves, reducing the muscle vibrations that cause energy loss from impact with the ground.

Just like all our compression sportswear, SKINS Compression Socks assist with blood circulation, meaning an increase in oxygenated blood, delivering oxygen to the working muscles. This is important because it means you can work harder and more efficiently. And if that’s not enough, the assisted circulation from our compression technology helps dissipate waste products such as lactic acid. The stuff that makes your muscles sore after exercise.

When you look at your body, you’ll notice the darker, blue veins near the surface of the skin. The darker veins are the ones bringing used blood back to the heart for oxygenation and renewal. When pressure is applied to these veins with the SKINS graduated compression, it accelerates the flow through pressure graduation.

Applying random, unregulated pressure won’t help. You need to apply the right pressure to the right area. Too much pressure in the wrong place can create circulation issues and impede performance. SKINS Compression Socks work because they apply the maximum pressure furthest away from the heart, decreasing as it moves up the leg. Too much pressure on the Achilles or ITB can have a negative effect, and that’s not the game we’re in.

If you’re a runner, jumper or fitness fanatic, we recommend the SERIES-3 Performance Socks for activity and SERIES-3 Travel and Recovery Socks for recovery.

Just as the active Compression Socks support you in training and competition, the Socks support you in healing. They help you recover faster and get you back out there quicker.

We know it’s not always possible to change straight into full recovery gear, so our active Socks kinda lead a double life. An example of this is the Tour de France. After a stage of the Tour, riders wear their active gear whilst travelling to the hotel. After showering and having a massage, riders will change into their recovery Calf Tights or Socks for an hour and then into their Recovery Long Tights. They’ll sleep in their Long Tights and then put on their Calf Tights or Socks before they head out to the next Stage. Before that Stage, they’ll remove their recovery compression, and it starts all over again. Rinse and repeat.