SKINS Sports Bras: Voted Two of the Best

SKINS Sports Bras: Voted Two of the Best


For as long as women have been participating in athletics, there have been extra obstacles compared to men. From Title IX, to lack of representation at the professional level, to lack of investments, high-level female athletes have had to fight for equality for decades. Another common obstacle that has to be faced by most women is the lack of comfort that is available in workout clothing. One garment that is especially difficult to find good ones is the notorious sports bra. Without a good bra, women do not feel supported due to the makeup of breasts. They are essentially made up of fat and tissue and are supported only by skin and “Cooper’s ligaments” which are the thin connective tissues that support the breasts. If they are not supported correctly, constant motion can cause breast injuries, aching and eventual sagging. Why should women have to subject themselves to pain and discomfort just to exercise?

A supportive bra is paramount for female athletes to perform their best and minimize discomfort. Sadly, between 80-90% of women still are wearing sports bras that do not correctly fit their body-styles, whether too loose or too tight and neither is a comfortable option.

A recent article by Outdoors Magic, said: “For active women, choosing the right sports bra is arguably more important than getting the right footwear. What to opt for depends on the activity, chest size, and of course personal preference.”

SKINS is proud to have designed two women’s sports bras that combine the proper support, perfect amount of compression, extreme comfortability, high performance, and overall beauty. The first is the SKINS SERIES-3 ACTIVE BRA. It is the medium impact solution for comfort and compressive support. It has an open back, cross-design that provides stability and freedom of movement with figure-flattering lines. It also includes silver reflective logos and integrated cups. Merging medium compressive support with wide padded straps, function, comfort, and support are at the heart of the SKINS SERIES-3 ELITE BRA for women on the move. Mesh panels through the neck and below the cups add style and enhance breathability and movement.

In the article previously referenced, Outdoors Magic selected their top 10 best sports bras. We are thrilled that both the SKINS SERIES-3 WOMEN’S ACTIVE BRA and SKINS SERIES-3 WOMEN’S ELITE BRA were listed in their top 10 favorites!

Their review of the SKINS SERIES 3-WOMEN’S ACTIVE BRA included: “The shape of this sports bra is really practical, the neckline isn’t too low to allow you to bounce out, or too high to be conspicuous with a sports top. It uses dual layer construction, with a mesh inner layer that I found to be really effective at wicking moisture. The racer back with a cut out gives good support for the overall weight and size of the bra (it’s very light), and the fabric is quick drying.” We at SKINS continue to receive very positive and consistent feedback about the extreme comfortability of this sports bra. The straps do not dig into the shoulders and it provides ample support, even to well-endowed women. The racerback design is a favorite because it allows for a full range of motion for all activities while providing excellent back support. A funny meme has been circulating on social media that reads, “After an hour of running, removing this (generic) sports bra will be about the same level of difficulty as Ross getting the leather pants back up!” Ah, resistance training at its finest! Thankfully, this isn’t the case with SKINS sports bras. The pullover design allows for a highly appreciated easy on and easy off! When it comes to the SKINS SERIES-3 ELITE BRA, Outdoor Magic said, “The moisture wicking properties were really good thanks to the mesh around the neckline and above the rib band. It’s a compression bra, but the low neckline allows for plenty of freedom of movement and doesn’t feel restrictive, so it would be great for sports like dancing and aerobics which require plenty of mobility. The support level was good, sufficient for mid-intensity, or high intensity for women with A-B cup sizes.” When selecting the best fitting SKINS sports bra, be sure to size down if you are in between sizes. Your bra should be snug, but not too tight. It should never restrict your breathing. Your breasts should be fully covered, not poking or spilling out in any direction. The band should sit level all the way around and feel supportive. If it rises up in the back, you may need a smaller size. SKINS is committed to improving sports performance. Wearing SKINS sports bras offers the optimal level of support and comfortability for the activity you're doing and allows you to put full your focus on your training.

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