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The body adopts a venous blood system delivering oxygenated blood to the muscles and returning used blood to the heart. The veins returning used blood to the heart sit closer to the skin’s surface; this is why you sometimes see ‘blue’ or dark veins near the surface.  

SKINS compression applies pressure to these ‘blue’ veins accelerating the blood flow back to the heart. SKINS pioneered engineered gradient compression following years of research. When you apply compression to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, it accelerates blood flow. This means you get more oxygen to your working muscles – boosting your performance.  

Better blood flow also helps your body to get rid of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes – which helps you work at a higher rate for longer. Plus, improved oxygenation reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness and accelerates muscle repair. SKINS engineered gradient compression plays a big part in helping you recover from exercise too. 

Discover more about compression here.

SKINS are different because their unique combination of features works better than any single component. Plus, their benefits are backed by independent testing and research – something that no other compression and therapeutic sportswear manufacturer can boast.

You can discover these journals here.

SKINS benefits include:

  • Less lactic acid build-up, more muscle oxygenation – and better circulation
  • More muscle power
  • Wicking – to draw moisture away from the skin
  • Temperature control, whether it’s hot or cold
  • 50+ UV protection

The performance, recovery, and lifestyle benefits of SKINS have all been independently researched and published in peer-review journals. The scientific community holds this type of product testing as the highest standard. In fact, SKINS leads the industry with peer review journal publications.

Research results show that SKINS vastly reduces the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise. This allows for a more rapid return to normal levels and minimizes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

– Always follow the washing instructions that can be found on your SKINS label

– Wash your SKINS at a 30 degree celcius wash/handwash

– Hang to air dry and do not place near any heat sources

– To protect the fabric and stitching, when you put your SKINS on gently pull up from bottom, ensuring you bunch together to get tights over ankles

– Chlorinated water can have a deteriorating effect on your SKINS. They can be worn in seawater.

No. Even though Lycra is a brand name, it’s become a generic description for most elastomeric fabrics. The fabric we use is warp knitted, a superior fabric that provides the tough stretch and recovery standards needed for SKINS engineered gradient compression. We then cut this fabric in a certain way to provide benefits like no other tights can.

While we produce products that look great and support your body, our customers choose SKINS because they make you better. So, not only will you look great, but you’ll also know that the product is helping make you better. Check out our Technology and SKINS Science pages. With SKINS, you can have a comfortable pair of tights that look great, do you some good and provide a performance benefit. 

When you wear SKINS during activity, the compressive effect prevents muscles from overextending (which can cause injury) and may even treat injuries as they occur.

Your muscles vibrate when you exercise, which can make them feel more tired and less powerful. SKINS are cut to hold your muscles against your frame in the right places to help reduce this vibration and improve muscle focus and awareness (proprioception). Other garments have static compression (similar tightness everywhere) – and don’t support your muscles in the same way SKINS does.

SKINS also feature distinctive muscle wrapping seams. These help to provide the right compression level and support muscle groups through their full range of movement – increasing your power and endurance even more.

Yes. SKINS engineered gradient compression speeds recovery by forcing more oxygen to your muscles – helping to virtually eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). MRI-based studies have also shown real improvements in muscle recovery.

Read more about recovery here.

SKINS’ increased oxygenation and circulation is an excellent way of relieving a range of medical complaints, including arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lymphoedema, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis. It also helps to improve circulation during pregnancy.

Choosing the correct size SKINS is essential to ensure you receive the maximum benefits.  

Each SKINS range has a different size chart to determine the most appropriate SKINS garment size and shape you require. Therefore, you need to refer to the size chart specific to the product you’re interested in. You’ll find suggested sizes on our product pages; these are a recommended guide and more in-depth size charts here.

SKINS tops are firm fitting, but they don’t restrict movement in your shoulders, arms, or muscles.

No. Not only do SKINS improve circulation – which helps your body to regulate its temperature, whether it’s hot or cold outside, but they also have wicking built-in.

Yes. Because SKINS improve blood flow, they help keep your extremities warm. The built-in wicking stops sweat from cooling on your skin.

Yes. Wicking moves moisture from your skin to the outside of the garment, where it evaporates – so your skin stays dry. We use a top-quality wicking treatment where the moisture management is in the thread – rather than treating it afterward.

International elite sport physiologists, squads, teams, and individual athletes wear SKINS. Why? Because SKINS deliver actual results.

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  • During any physical activity – for more power and endurance
  • As a recovery aid after exercise
  • When recovering from injury
  • In the workplace (particularly if you stand or walk on hard surfaces)
  • When travelling – to reduce the effects of jet lag and lower risks of DVT

Wear your SKINS loud and proud, or under your kit – whatever suits you best. However, we do recommend that the white and flesh-colored SKINS are worn under other clothing. But you, do you! SKINS fabric is independently tested and proven to provide 50+ UV protection in non-mesh areas. This means you can enjoy outdoor exercise and activities without the concern of sun-related risks.

SKINS can be worn with or without underwear. It’s entirely up to you.

Chlorinated water can have a deteriorating effect on SKINS fabric, so we advise against wearing your SKINS in the pool. But seawater is fine. Just give your SKINS a good rinse with fresh water afterward. SKINS dry out quickly and have a UVP of 50+, so they’re great at blocking out the sun. The only thing you might notice is that the gradient compression doesn’t work quite as well when you’re submerged.

SERIES-5 applies our highest level of compression in the most complicated paneled garment. The reason for the complexity is based on the muscle wrapping of the key muscle groups. The other SERIES do this as well but for various purposes. SERIES-5 focuses on dynamic movements, such as sprinting, lifting, jumping, contact sports, and high octane efforts. For example, the SKINS Powershorts sit in SERIES-5 but not in the other SERIES. 

SERIES-3 has a medium compression profile and sits at the core of the range, and is based on commercially successful A400 technologies. It’s a performance SERIES for fitness, endurance sports, training, 1500m+ runners, and more. It’s your all-day, everyday compression garments.

SERIES-1 is our team-specific range with colors to match your on-field kit. SERIES-1 is a performance range of garments that live on the pitch and in your workouts.

Did you know? You can tell each new SERIES apart by the color of the logo. SERIES-5 has a gold logo, SERIES-3 is silver, and SERIES-1 is white.