SKINS are the pioneers of compression sportswear. The application of compression in sports has two important aspects; performance and recovery. Performance happens in competition or training, and recovery happens before and after performance, and you can't have one without the other. Focus is mainly on training and competition. However, there's a lot of time between competition, training sessions, and traveling to and from events. Just like you need sleep to regenerate your body and mind, you also need SKINS to flush and restore working muscles efficiently.


The graduated compression levels we apply to the working muscles with our performance garments are different from our recovery garments. Working muscles gain mass from blood, and if you were to apply too much pressure or in the wrong place, you could impede performance. 

Recovery is about applying the correct amount of pressure to passive muscles. These muscles need compression to help the flow of oxygen, which in turn accelerates repair. Oxygen is carried throughout our bodies by our blood, which travels faster through narrow veins. Applying compression narrows our veins, which then increases the blood flow rate to the muscles. While our oxygenated blood is pumping throughout our bodies, it picks up waste lactic acid buildup on its way. This process is what helps relieve soreness. In short, compression sportswear like SKINS help take away the negative products built up from exercise and deliver blood efficiently while traveling, recuperating, or sleeping. 

We know most athletes don't like sitting around doing nothing for too long, we're the same, and sometimes that means recovery isn't taken seriously enough. 

Our recovery garments should be worn for at least 3-5 hours post-exercise and ideally while traveling and sleeping. Yes, that's right. Sleep is a natural regenerative process that is assisted by wearing recovery compression. It might not be sexy, but it works. 

You can find recovery compression sportswear in all of our new SERIES ranges but if you're struggling to decide what's best for you and your sport, check out our SKINS by Sport guide. 

You can find recovery Compression Sportswear in all of our new SERIES ranges but if you're struggling to decide what's best for you and your sport, check out our SKINS by Sport guide.



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