SKINS are the pioneers of Compression Sportswear. The application of compression to sports has two crucial aspects; performance and recovery. Performance happens in competition or training, and recovery happens before and after performance, and you can't have one without the other. Working muscles gain mass from blood, and if you apply too much pressure or in the wrong place, you can impede performance. Due to this, the graduated compression levels applied to the working muscles in our performance garments are different from our recovery lines.

We know people train to improve. To be faster, stronger and perform at their best, always. We're proud that elite and everyday athletes alike, trust us because of the support and marginal gains SKINS provide.

It has been proven in several independent, published peer-reviewed medical journals that SKINS Compression Sportswear provides natural performance enhancement, which helps athletes like you perform better and recover faster. Our garments are technically designed and scientifically engineered to improve performance in several ways, including but not limited to enhanced technique and posture and improved circulation and reduced energy cost.

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Another way in which SKINS improves performance is by reducing fatigue from impact damage through the most advanced, complex, and best paneling on the market right now. When we run and move, our muscles vibrate. The carefully positioned paneling wraps your muscles in just the right way, which reduces vibration and muscle oscillation. Muscle oscillation is the movement of the muscles when vibrations occur. By stabilizing these muscles, SKINS Compression Sportswear battles early fatigue and optimizes neurotransmission, which, in turn, improves performance.  

SKINS compression also assists proprioception. Proprioception is the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body. SKINS also reduce the risk of injury. If we're injured, we can't perform. As we get tired, the body's movement can become distorted, and irregular movement, increased by more than 10%, dramatically enhances the risk of injury. By supporting the working muscles, SKINS helps keep everything, including you, on track.

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