Whatever your (athletic) level, Compression Sportswear is worn before, during, and after exercise for better performance and faster recovery. It speeds up the rate at which blood is moved throughout the body, transferring a more significant amount of oxygen to the working muscles, which is always a good thing.


But how do SKINS work? The garments place pressure on your blood vessels, which then constrict them. It sounds counterproductive, but blood moves faster through smaller blood vessels. So, that's what then forces the blood to flow through a smaller canal, increasing the legs' (for example) blood pressure and forces the blood back up toward the heart.

Our products have always been designed to help you perform better and recover faster; the performance and recovery benefits are proven in independent, published peer-reviewed medical journals. Plus, many professional athletes at an international level genuinely trust SKINS.


Our new SERIES SKINS use intricately designed and expertly tailored panels that carefully wrap around the muscles to maximize compression benefits. Each SERIES has been created with specific sports in mind and offers a different compression level through the complex paneling


SERIES-5 applies our highest level of compression in the most complicated paneled garment to date. The reason for the complexity is based on the wrapping of key muscle groups. The other SERIES do this as well but for different purposes. SERIES-5 is directed towards changing movement. This means sprinting, lifting, jumping, contact sports, and highly concentrated efforts. Discover SERIES-5.



Discover Skin Compression Series 5
Discover Skin Compression Series 3


SERIES-3 sits at the core of the range and is based on the commercially successful A400 technologies. SERIES-3 has a medium compression profile. This is a performance SERIES for fitness, endurance sports, training, 1500m+ runners…and more. They are your every-day compression garments. Discover SERIES-3.




SERIES-1 is our team-specific range with colors to match your on-field kit. This is a performance garment that lives on the pitch and in your workouts. Although each SERIES offers something slightly different, at their core, is compression. Discover SERIES-1.



Discover Skin Compression Series 5