Compression Sportswear is TIGHT, but it's meant to be tight because's just sportswear.


Not to brag, but we are the pioneers of compression sportswear. Admittedly, the use of compression in medical terms has been around for almost a century. But back in the 90s, it was the inventor of SKINS who not only thought about applying medical compression principles to a sporting context but did something about it, and the rest is history. By 2002 SKINS introduced the first-ever Compression Sportswear to the market. For years it was professional athletes and sportspeople who were reaping the benefits of Compression Sportswear. Nowadays, it's the lycra-clad club cyclists, the weekend park runners, the dedicated gym-goers, the yogis and more who are reaping the benefits alongside the pros. 

So what does SKINS Compression Sportswear actually do?

In performance, SKINS reduce fatigue through impact damage. They give you more control of limb placement, enhanced circulation and increased oxygen to working muscles which can help minimise waste product buildup, body temperature regulation, better control of position and movement; they reduce the risk of injury, and they give you the confidence to push yourself.

Our latest SKINS SERIES ranges take these benefits to the next level thanks to complex graduated panelling and advanced fabrics and technology. Graduated compression means you're getting the right amount of pressure in the right areas. Applying too much pressure in the wrong place is, simply put, bad for you. That's one of the reasons why we put so much emphasis on wearing the right size. It's SO important to get the right size when it comes to Compression Sportswear. Your garments should be Superman tight but should never constrict you.

When it comes to recovery, compression is nothing new. Doctors have been using compression to treat injury for years, and the term R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress and elevate) is in every athlete's (and parent's) vocabulary. The only difference is that we recommend you wear your recovery gear after activity, even if you're not injured. 

Why? Because when we exercise, our muscles get broken down, and we produce waste products such as lactic acid. Recovery compression garments help re-oxygenate and re-build the broken down muscles and get rid of the waste products, which is the stuff that makes you sore. 

Oxygen is carried throughout our bodies by our blood which travels faster through narrow veins. Blood flow works on a one-way system. Applying compression narrows our veins which increases the blood flow rate to the muscles. Whilst our oxygenated blood is pumping throughout our bodies, it picks up waste lactic acid buildup on its way. 

In layman's terms, SKINS compression sportswear helps you by applying the correct amount of pressure to the right areas, supporting the body and increasing blood flow, helping you perform better and recover faster. 

And if that's just not quite enough to convince you to give compression sportswear a try. You will look and feel amazing in it. It'll be tighter than anything else you've worn, but the confidence it will give you is unbeatable.