SKINS is supporting NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie in his recovery to get back to the game.

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In 2020, NBA star, Spencer Dinwiddie, suffered a partial tear of his right knee ACL in game 3 of the Brooklyn Nets season. Spencer had to have surgery to repair the tear and is currently working to rehabilitate his knee for a solid return to the NBA. SKINS are providing active and recovery sports compression to assist in his strength training and recovery.

SKINS COO Benjamin Fitzmaurice said: "We make athletes of all levels perform better. We know what pressure to apply and where to apply it on the body to naturally enhance blood circulation, limit the damage during training from muscle vibration and recover faster. We have set up both training and recovery protocols for Spencer. The active compression wraps the muscles during strength and cardio sessions, providing necessary structural support and dampening damaging muscle vibrations.

When it comes to recovery, we are concentrating on the muscular groups of the calf, quad and glutes. We want to ensure that we are accelerating the recovery process by flushing out unnecessary waste products from the muscles, speeding up the delivery of blood for healing any fine tears, and putting Spencer in the best position possible for his return to competition. The recovery compression is also applicable to travel to ensure the efficient protection of the body when passive and sitting."

"Following my ACL surgery, I have to build back strength in my training and recover as quickly as I can. SKINS are helping me maximize my recovery between sessions and be the best in training. Thanks to SKINS Compression, I'm gaining strength and power in training." - Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer has already indicated that he is optimistic about his return to the NBA. He has an injury exemption waiver for the rest of the season, but on Sunday, 28 March, he confirmed to the Brooklyn Nets fansite, Nets Daily, that he wants to pull on the jersey again this season. With the enhanced training and recovery assisted by SKINS compression, this is an achievable target, and we expect Spencer to come back strong and healthy.



Basketball is dynamic. It's intense and requires you to run the motor hot with short sharp sprints, stopping, jumping, landing and focus. Just the floor's impact following a jump or running can place 3 to 4 times your body weight through the joints and muscles.

The key muscle groups are:

  • Calf muscles
  • Quadricep muscles
  • Glutes
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

What to be aware of:

  • Energy loss through increased vibration damage in the muscles from landing
  • Sluggish performance due to inefficiencies in flushing the waste products inactive muscles
  • Muscle tears
  • Lack of thermo-regulation of the muscles

SKINS compression you can wear:

  • SERIES-5 Long Tights
  • SERIES-5 Powershorts
  • SERIES-5 Half Tights
  • SERIES-5 Long Sleeve Tops
  • SERIES-3 Long Tights
  • SERIES-3 Calf Tights
  • SERIES-3 Performance Socks
  • SERIES-1 Arm Sleeves

Why wear SKINS when active:

  • Blood flow is assisted by applying pressure to the veins returning blood back to the heart
  • Accelerating blood flow means more oxygen can be delivered to active muscles
  • Waste product build up like lactic acid can be more efficiently flushed from the muscles
  • Muscles are wrapped, reducing vibration (muscle oscillation), and the energy loss from impact with the round is reduced

What to wear:

  • Protection of calf, quad and glute muscles - Long Tights
  • Protection of quad and glute muscles - Powershorts and Half Tights
  • Protection of calf muscles - Calf Tights, Performance Socks
  • Protection of arms - Arm Sleeves

During active performance, protect your calf, hamstrings/glutes, quads, forearms and shoulders. These areas are the ones that take the major hits of your explosive movements!

For the hamstrings/glutes, wear the Powershorts. SKINS Powershorts will help you be faster and more explosive in the first four seconds of your movement. Our Half Tights add an additional dimension to the top half of the leg by wrapping the entire quad muscle belly.

When jumping, the calf muscle gives you that flick and lift off the floor. Protect and wrap the muscle belly with SKINS Calf Tights.

Repetitive shooting, boxing out and providing screens impact the arms, and you need these to remain as fresh as possible. When your arms start to fade, watch that shot percentage drop. Protect the forearm and bicep with the arm sleeves and the whole arm and shoulder with the Long Sleeve Tops.


SKINS recovery compression you can wear:

  • SERIES-5 Travel & Recovery Long Tights
  • SERIES-3 Travel & Recovery Long Tights
  • SERIES-3 Performance Socks
  • SERIES-3 Travel & Recovery Socks
  • SERIES-3 Calf Tights
  • SERIES-1 Arm Sleeves

SKINS Performance Socks, Calf Tights, Long Sleeve Tops and Arm Sleeves can double up and be used during recovery. 

- Wear your SERIES-5 or SERIES-3 Travel & Recovery Long Tights for at least 3-5 hours after training or playing. If you can leave them on for longer, do it!

- Improve your performance, in bed. Wear your SERIES-5 or SERIES-3 Travel & Recovery Long Tights during sleep. It's not exactly sexy, but it works!

- If you're unable to get your Travel & Recovery Long Tights on straight away (post-run) use the SERIES-3 Calf Tights or Socks until you can wear your  Long Tights.

- Wear your SERIES-1 Arm Sleeves for 3-5 hours post-training/match.

- When travelling to and from competition wear your SERIES-5 or SERIES-3  Travel & Recovery Long Tights AND your SERIES-1 Arm Sleeves.

- If it's not practical to wear your Travel & Recovery Long Tights, put on your SERIES-3 Calf Tights or Socks.

- If you are mixing it up and training outside, SKINS also protects you from the sun with SPF50+

- When travelling always wear SKINS

- Try to avoid wearing underwear under SKINS

- Wash with like colours and on 30-40 degree celsius

- Do not tumble dry and do not iron