Over 25 years of research, development and testing has gone into SKINS Compression Sportswear. It was the first (and best) Compression Sportswear on the market in 1996, and to this day, it sits firmly at the top of the compression game thanks to its advanced technologies and intelligent designs.

SKINS gradient compression takes compression sportswear to another level. The engineering and technology involved ensures that athletes genuinely benefit from the compression they apply. We're not just saying this. SKINS has been under the scientific and research microscope since it began all those years ago.

In fact, we lead the industry with peer-reviewed journal publications. We're actually allowed to say that SKINS makes you a better athlete in both performance and recovery. We're not going to give all of our secrets away, but the technology and complexity involved in every single stitch elevate SKINS to the next level. But hey, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.




- Improve muscle oxygenation through accelerating blood flow

- Improve running economy where you either self select a faster speed or run for longer

- Improve recovery after activity by delaying the onset of muscle soreness (DOMS)

- Reduce damage to the muscle through the negative effects of muscle oscillation

- Reduce the negative effects of lactic acid, improving the circulation cleaning process

- Be great for travel, reduces the risk of DVT and the negative effects of Economy Class Syndrome (i.e. swollen ankles)

- Improve proprioception over time, allowing more efficient body movement

- Provide 50+ UV protection in non-mesh areas

- Help regulate body temperature through assisted circulation

- Keep you dry thanks to a quality wicking treatment where the moisture management is in the thread