SKINS provide Gradient Compression across the major muscle groups, with the highest compression applied at the calf or forearm and gradually decreasing towards the heart. SKINS Compression Technology is applied in a targeted dynamic manner, to maintain the integrity of the compression during exercise.

What does this really mean? It means that SKINS will make you better.

Whether you are an elite athlete, runner, fitness enthusiast or yoga participant, we have the products with the right compression profile to support you and enhance performance.

SKINS Compression garments are scientifically proven to:​

  • Improve muscle oxygenation through accelerating blood flow 
  • Improve running economy where you either self select a faster speed or run for longer 
  • Improve recovery after activity by delaying the onset of muscle the onset of muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Reduce damage to the muscle through the negative effects of muscle oscillation 
  • Reduce the negative effects of lactic acid, improving the circulation cleaning process 
  • Be great for travel, reduces risk of DVT and the negative effects of Economy Class Syndrome (i.e swollen ankles)
  • Improve proprioception over time, allowing more efficient body movement 


If we could briefly pat ourselves on the back… 

In a study with the University of Essex, SKINS proved that when wearing correctly fitted SKINS compression garments compared to just running shorts, runners demonstrated that they used less energy when running at a sub maximal speed. They were more economical and efficient.  

This means that runners who are more economical during sub maximal speeds have the ability to push harder or run longer during their training and/or events. 

SKINS improved running economy by:

  • Enhancing proprioception
  • Reducing muscle oscillation and vibration, therefore optimising neurotransmission
  • Enhancing running technique / posture
  • Improving circulation coupled with decreased muscle oscillations reduce energy cost 
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