SKINS Club Athletico

SKINS Club Athletico

SKINS Club Athletico is for any athlete who is committed to training and performance. The idea of SCA came to us on an early morning team run around Berlin, followed by a coffee to reward ourselves. It got us thinking, how can we support the SKINS community and reward them for their sweat?


You need to do four things.

  1. Join the SCA Strava group
  2. Follow the SCA private Instagram account
  3. Sign up for the SCA Newsletter below
  4. Sweat


Support and positive accountability is essential in all aspects of life and definitely in training. The SCA Strava and Instagram accounts are a community hub for like-minded people to get the support and information they need to thrive. You’ll also have opportunities for Q&As with SKINS Head Running Coach as well as spot giveaways, insights into training and more.

To get the comprehensive 12-week training plan every couple of weeks, you need to subscribe below.


  • Comprehensive 12-week training plan with 2 levels
  • Exclusive access to SCA Instagram Account
  • Content for drills
  • Q&A with SKINS Head Running Coach
  • Spot giveaways
  • Insights into training

We will be challenging you, and there will be rewards for your achievements, but overall the aim is to have some fun.