In the true spirit of collaboration, both brands have combined our key strengths to forge an inclusive, feminine range supported by solid technical performance.


Powered by SKINS Compression

Get ready to elevate your workout game to new heights with the collaboration between SKINS and SKIMS! This partnership has brought together the innovative minds of Kim Kardashian and Jens Grede and 25+ years of scientifically backed compression from SKINS. The result? A high-tech activewear collection that boasts the best of both worlds.

The SKIMS activewear range is powered by our unrivalled compression technology and fabrics, delivering maximum performance and recovery. The collection includes two long tight styles, a bike short, a long sleeve top, and a tank top, all designed with the unique SKIMS aesthetic and shapes, infused with the cutting-edge compression technology of SKINS. What’s not to love?

Photos from SKIMS by @noahpdillon


We are the pioneers of Compression Sportswear. Without SKINS, there would be no Compression Sportswear; we invented it. Since 1996, our mission has been, and always will be, to help those in their pursuit of athletic excellence.⁠

Worn by everyday and elite athletes, our compression is more than clothes. It is performance and recovery-enhancing equipment engineered with market-leading fabrics and complex panelling. So if you’re looking to level up. Keep on scrolling.



Power or recovery? What should you go for? Our recovery garments are perfect if sore legs after exercise are an issue. The compression panels are specifically placed to enhance the restoration of passive muscles. If it’s power you want, our performance garments are proven to improve performance and stamina by increasing blood flow and keeping athletes feeling supported.


Not every athlete or sport requires the same level of compression. That’s why we have different SERIES’ available.

Compression level // highest
Exercise level // high
Ideal for // Track running, Rugby, NFL, Powerlifting, Crossfit, OCR & similar sports.

Compression level // medium-high
Exercise level // 3-5x a week
Ideal for // Football, Tennis, Running, Hiking, Snowsports, Basketball, Badminton or any sport over 1,500m.
Compression level // medium
Exercise level // 2-3x a week
Ideal for // Team sports, walking, new compression wearers, everyday wear and young athletes.

Compression level // medium
Exercise level // 2-3x a week
Ideal for // Team sports, walking, new compression wearers, everyday wear and young athletes.


The body adopts a venous blood system delivering oxygenated blood to the muscles and returning used blood to the heart. The veins returning used blood to the heart sit closer to the skin’s surface; this is why you sometimes see ‘blue’ or dark veins near the surface. 

SKINS compression applies pressure to these ‘blue’ veins accelerating the blood flow back to the heart. SKINS pioneered engineered gradient compression following years of research. When you apply compression to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, it accelerates blood flow. This means you get more oxygen to your working muscles – boosting your performance.  

Better blood flow also helps your body to get rid of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes – which helps you work at a higher rate for longer. Plus, improved oxygenation reduces the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness and accelerates muscle repair. SKINS engineered gradient compression plays a big part in helping you recover from exercise too.

Discover more about compression here.

SKINS are different because their unique combination of features works better than any single component. Plus, their benefits are backed by independent testing and research – something that no other compression and therapeutic sportswear manufacturer can boast. You can discover these journals here.

SKINS benefits include:

  • Less lactic acid build-up, more muscle oxygenation – and better circulation
  • More muscle power
  • Wicking – to draw moisture away from the skin
  • Temperature control, whether it’s hot or cold
  • 50+ UV protection

The performance, recovery and lifestyle benefits of SKINS have all been independently researched and published in peer-review journals. The scientific community holds this type of product testing as the highest standard. In fact, SKINS leads the industry with peer review journal publications.

Research results show that SKINS vastly reduces the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise. This allows for a more rapid return to normal levels and minimises delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).