SKINS™ SERIES-5 offers our highest compression level to date, which is why professional teams such as Port Adelaide F.C. swear by them for their intense training regime.


Personified, SERIES-5 is the Hulk. Understated, then packs a punch. It’s for the pros, semi-pros, the people who do ‘explosive’ sports and the people who are seasoned Compression Sportswear wearers.

The complexity of SERIES-5 is based on the wrapping of the key muscle groups. The other SERIES do this as well but for different purposes. SERIES-5 is directed towards dynamic movement. This means sprinting, lifting, jumping, contact sports and high octane efforts. For example, the Powershorts sit in SERIES-5, but not in the other SERIES.

SERIES-5 has differences aside from the number of panels and pressure. This range has gold logos and reflective seams, and the core fabric is a Nylon 6.6 warp knit. You will also note the use of mesh panels to move moisture from the ‘hot zones’, keeping you as cool as possible during intense activity.

It’s no wonder teams such as Port Adelaide F.C. don SERIES-5 under their kits.